Thursday 5 June 2014

Another update

Another update on the SEEH. On Tuesday morning representatives of the PGA and ENISA went to see Mr Klinakis, the Regional Director of Education. Below I copy in a message from the head of PGA, Gian Andrea Garancini, reporting the outcome of the meeting.
As you will see, Mr Klinakis gave some promises. However, there is no mention of the Greek nursery! The inspectors didn’t agree with its suspension this year, and if it doesn’t run again next year, then it will be even harder to re-open it the year after. What should we do? Should we just accept that there’s no hope for it, or should we fight? You can guess what I think! My favourite teacher used to say: Aim high so when you fall you fall on the bushes!’ 
This morning Mr Empadinhas (ENISA) and I met with Mr Klinakis in his office.
Concerning the commitments asked for by the Board of Governors of the European Schools in order for our SEEH to get the accreditation, Mr Klinakis stated that:

a) the procedure for moving to the building in the Knossos area is going on well, and that the Municipality of Heraklion should publish the public tender next week.
This information has been checked with the competent deputy-Mayor and is confirmed.
b) the Ministry is approving via a law amendment the possibility of appointing for a 3-year period foreign teachers and foreign language teachers.
c) the BACCALAUREATE decision is on its way, too, but Mr Klinakis could not specify in details its content.
Concerning the recent Ministry decision not to allow enrollments in 1st grade GR - after ENISA & PGA's remarks concerning the obvious unfairness and the absence of any legal base whatsoever - Mr Klinakis committed himself to ask the Secretary General of the Ministry to cancel his decision. This could happen until this Friday.
The Secretary General of the European Schools is informed.

With Mr Empadinhas we agreed to wait until Friday: in the meantime, the School Direction is taking note of enrollment requests without at moment having the possibility to register anybody. Requests are many, as every year.
Today, all local Media (and some national Media, as well) have this issue in their news.

The PGA General Assembly for the moment is confirmed on the 11/6, we will decide on Friday if any change of date is necessary.
Mr Klinakis will also participate, as agreed during today's meeting.
ENISA will also ask (again) to meet with the Minister in order to discuss the SEEH issue.

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