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The School of European Education in Heraklion (SEEH) is a multi-lingual, non-denominational state school following the curriculum of the European Schools network but funded by the Greek government. It is the only European school in Greece and the only international school in Crete. The SEEH is a unique and precious educational institution which embodies the best of the European spirit. It is much loved by its pupils, teachers, and parents, and it is cherished by the local community.

This blog was created in March 2014 when this wonderful school came under threat of closure following an inspectors' report which highlighted to need for certain urgent changes to the school's infrastructure and legal framework. Parents, school staff, and the local community campaigned for the Greek government to act to save the school. The campaign achieved its immediate aim of keeping the school open when the European Schools Board of Governors meeting in April 2014 gave it conditional accreditation for two years. However, the school's long-term future is still not secure, and students, parents, and teachers are continuing their campaign to save, support, and celebrate the SEEH. This blog will provide information on the continuing campaign and related issues of interest to supporters of the school. We hope you will help spread the word about the SEEH and check back regularly to see how the campaign is progressing.

Disclaimer: This blog is run by Keith Frankish and Maria Kasmirli, who are the parents of three children at the school. (Maria also teaches at the school.) Although Keith and Maria are collaborating with others who support the school, they speak here for themselves, not for the school management, the teachers, or the PGA. Posts by Keith and Maria are signed by them and any guest posts will be signed by their authors.

Updated 4 May 2014