Monday 2 June 2014

A fresh battle!

So, we have a fresh battle on our hands now! The SEEH registration period starts today and will last for two weeks. Yet today we received a new document from the Ministry stating that they are suspending operation of the Greek nursery and first-grade classes for next year (2014 – 2015). 

The main reason they give is lack of space. (We had no nursery this year owing to lack of classrooms.) This is unbelievable. They have explicitly committed themselves again and again to providing better accommodation this year – promising a move to another building that will give us the space we need. (Indeed, it’s the only thing they have explicitly committed themselves to!) I can’t understand how they can go back on that. 

The Ministry argues that because we had no nursery, this year we won’t have any students for the first grade next year. Apparently, there are no registrations. Well how could there be? The registration period only started today and today we have been told not to register students…. 

Moreover even allowing for this it is not true. We already have two Greek/ENISA students for the first grade next year (one of whom has been with us for the last two years). There is a suggestion that these students should be enrolled with the English section and provided with Greek as a second language -- which is a bizarre idea. Are they hoping that the parents will refuse and withdraw their kids, so that the Ministry is free of its commitment to provide ENISA children with education?

Registrations have started. Please come and register your children if you want to be part of this school. Education is a right we should all have access to! Come and join us! 

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